Gonzalez Horse Show

Gonzalez Horse Show

The Golden Horses

“The Dancing Horses”, “more beautiful than ever, the Gonzalez Golden Horses shine”, “the golden mares”, “the horses of the Emirates”, “los caballos de elegancia”… Sélyne and Jérémy’s horses are beautiful and expressive: they are at the center of everything, they are the stars, the ones around whom everything lights up… Always groomed and presented with the care they deserve, the main actors Labor, Koniak, the herd of colored mares…. perform their presentations with brilliance and application, always eager to please their riders, demonstrating the unique brilliance and profound beauty of the human-horse relationship.

Communication with their rider is so close, almost intuitive… They move in such a special way…

Horses are in the center and take the floor.   

Complicity and perfect moves

For S&J Gonzalez, if complicity and relationship with horses are important, precision and accuracy of gesture are also essential, building their solid reputation with professionals as much as with amateurs.

All horses follow a methodical training of gym and suppleness, and then, S&J put their trust in them for the performance: “horses are generous and attentive. They are able to give all and even beyond their own limits to make us happy, if we make them want to. They are stars ready to shine.”