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Novel and creative horse shows/The Dancing Horses

The Dancing Horses

The Gonzalez Horse Show performances are high level, creative and innovative, gathering technique, mastery, poetic charm, emotion, with rhythm and dynamism for some of them, or gentleness and spell for others. Horses are always brilliant, happy and playful. Performances of Sélyne & Jérémy are adapted to suit fairs, special events, horse shows and galas, private celebrations, jumping and other international competitions.

Liberty and High School dressage without bridle

Harmony and complicity between humans and horses are so strong and intuitive, that they totally merge. Sélyne, Jérémy Gonzalez and their horses execute the most complex figures and technical exercises of High School dressage, without bridle or snaffle, horses being totally free. Their generous and expressive equine partners take the floor and express their talent freely with that brilliance that made them famous beyond borders.


Performance : Solo or Duo


Liberty for 4

Liberty for 4 and liberty

with standing riding

Golden horses – future liberty

for 10 horses

High School dressage and jump

Amazed by the power and the technique of their horses, Sélyne & Jérémy practice high-school dressage and jump with passion. High-school jumps are very impressive and technical figures, needing a lot of concentration and energy from the horses, as well as their yearning to make the rider happy


Solo or Pas de deux

Equestrian art & High school



Versatile and diligent, the Gonzalez Horse Show horses are regularly performing at special events or private parties. Capable of appearing even in unusual places, artists and their equine partners are perfectly trained and flexible to adjust to all kinds of request and novel original programs.

Thanks to their huge experience of international competitions, top-end shows and special events, the Gonzalez Horse Show team can offer you customized acts and services, perfectly adjusted to your event and to your needs.

Mix : Liberty & High

School jump


Hip horse


Liberty & dancers


La statue

Diapason: feat. DJ David


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